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Setting up an office / company in Japan

Incorporation in Japan

Here are the details on the procedures and costs for setting up a company in Japan.

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Procedures and costs :
how to establish a company in Japan

In order to set up a company in Japan, it is necessary to follow several steps :

1 Finding an office address.
Deciding the basic elements and prepare the required documents
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Securing a resident Representative Director in some cases or a third party providing a bank account to deposit the capital
2 Preparing the Articles of Incorporation (teikan)
The articles of incorporation are the important documents that determine how the company will be managed. They have to be elaborated for each case, according to the needs of shareholders / investors and their relationship with directors.
3 Notarization of the articles of incorporation (at the Notary Office / Koshonin yakuba)
*ONLY FOR KK, not require for GK
Notarization fee : 50,000 yen
Revenue stamps (also required for GK): 40,000 yen (Note)
4 Deposit of capital
Since the company's bank account can not be opened until the registration is completed, it is necessary to use one of the investors personal bank account in Japan to deposit the capital. In case of a foreign company's subsidiary, the Representative Director's personal bank account can be used.
5 Preparing documents for the company's registration
In addition to the application form, it is necessary to prepare various documents such as the notification of the company's seal (inkan) that also needs to be registered, a letter of agreement from the directors assuming their office.
6 Filing the application for the company registration (Registry Office / Homukyoku) Registration fee : minimum 150,000 yen for KK
60,000 yen for GK
7 Registration to the registry completed
Once the company is registered, it is possible to obtain a registry certificate and company's seal certificate, required at various occasions such as opening a corporate bank account, signing contracts in company's name.
8 Tax and social insurance related procedures, etc.
Opening a bank account under the company's name
Application of the visa and status of residence for non-Japanese directors and employees
Application of business licences if the type of business requires

All these procedures require in total 2 to 4 weeks, although it could take more when some of the invetors are living overseas.

(Note) Our office has introduced the system of electronic signature, you don't have to pay 40,000 yens for the fiscal stamps if you use our servicdes for setting up your company.

If your business require some sort of professional licenses, it could sometimes take 2 to 3 months before being able to fully operate the business.

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We support you with setting up business in Japan.

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