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Hello and thank you for visiting our website!

Our mission is to help you eliminate the stress and confusion of dealing with immigration and incorporation procedures so that you can stay reassured and concentrate on what you should be focusing on, making your business and life a success in Japan.

It's exciting to live and experience different cultures in other countries, but in Japan it sometimes be quite complicated and stressful because of the language and administrative procedures that are often extremely complicated.

We know how it feels like, trust us... as we have been through all that ourselves having lived in many different countries. This experience motivated us to provide the kind of services that would make the life of foreigners in Japan easier and allow them to do what they really want to do.

Our office is a small, friendly structure that assures you attentive, efficient, flexible and professional services to find the most suitable solution for you.

We offered tailored personal and business solutions to help you and your business grow and be successful here in Japan.

Yoko Majima - Legal Advisor, Qualified Gyosei Shoshi Lawyer, Immigration Lawyer

Yoko was born in Sapporo, Japan in 1974. Hokkaido where she grew up admiring beautiful scenery and landscape remains to be the place she loves the most and where she feels most at home.

Her first adventure overseas started when she spent one year in Melbourne, Australia as a Rotary Exchange Student at the age of 17.

She then graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo, after spending one year in Aix-en-Provence, France, studying the Immigration issues and how people from different cultural backgrounds can integrate into the country of immigration.

After her university studies, she first worked for a Japanese fashion designer preparing fashion shows and sales at Paris Collection Weeks, then at a Japanese trading company importing French wines and foods.

Itching for another adventure overseas, she got a job at the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Geneva, where she grew her interest to the legal professions.

After returning to Tokyo, she worked for the Trade Commission of the French Embassy in Japan, where she was in charge of the personalized partner research, market research and consultation for more than 100 French and Japanese companies in cosmetic, sports and leisure industries per year.

After successfully passed the examination and being qualified as a Gyosei Shoshi Laywer in 2004, Yoko decided to run her own legal practice to help foreigners with visa application and company registration in Japan while making the most of her extensive experience in international fields and language skills.

She thoroughly enjoys her work which allows her to meet many different people and to help them achieve what they truly want to do in their lives.

Hiroto Senda - Legal Advisor, Qualified Gyosei Shoshi Lawyer, Immigration Lawyer

Hiroto was born in 1984 and grew up in New York.

He graduated from Keio University with Bachelor of Law, and is a Juris Doctor from Sophia University Law School.

He has an extensive experience as a translator for contracts and other legal documents, business documents and academic research reports etc. before becoming a licensed Gyosei-shoshi.

Hiroto hopes to be of assitance as an expert on preventative law rather than post-conflict resolution. Through his own experience in starting a new legal office, he has had first-hand experience of the importance of having sufficient legal documents to "prevent" legal problems from arising.

Additionally, he has felt another positive advantage of legal structuring, to "create" added value to business.

Wataru Koizumi - Legal Advisor, Qualified Gyosei Shoshi Lawyer, Immigration Lawyer

Yuki Hirota - Consultant

What is a Gyosei Shoshi Lawyer ?

In addition to attorneys (bengoshi), there are different legal specialists in Japan who are qualified by the Government. Each of them have their own specific specialization, and the Gyosei Shoshi Lawyers cover rather large fields from administrative procedures to everything concering the rights and obligations.

That is why each Gyosei Shoshi Laywer has specialized fields that could be completely different from someone else of the same profession.

Among the legal specialists, Gyosei Shoshi Lawyers are the only ones who are authorized by Immigration to proceed visa and status of residents application on behalf of their clients, until the same title was granted to attorneys (bengoshi) in 2004.

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